Neurodiversity Awareness Training

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We work with businesses to embed an understanding of Neurodiversity and appreciation for those who think and process information differently Within the business. Taking them on a journey of awareness  to better understand their Neurodiverse workforce.

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Visit our training suite to view all our bespoke Neurodiversity
awareness training solutions.


Working with organisations utilising our Maturity Model to help the business understand how to level up their commitment.


Help your staff to communicate and prompt discussion at EXco level in the area of Neurodiversity so your team to improve strategic considerations and oversight.

Thought leadership corner

Public speaking & Inspirational talks

Develop Autism is available to speak at your event giving insights into diversity and inclusion, overcoming adversity and highlighting the potential of a neuro-diverse workforce.
"When we think of Autism or more broadly of NeuroDiversity we think of a different way of thinking and processing information. There are many arguments for and against autism being labelled as a disability. Autism is included and protected under the disability and equality act. Autism is often disabling for individuals because of societal norms which work for the many and disenfranchise the few. Companies must be aware of hidden disabilities but furthermore companies must be conscious of work environments that have the potential to become disabling for their NeuroDiverse workforce.”
Jonathan Channing
KPMG - Leading from the front disability and the role of the board, progress one year on report